• About Us

    Our investors realize that the success of any company is subject to a clear strategy that maps out the future growth. This is what we understood from the beginning and our keenness to implement it. Our long-term goal is to give Al Basma Royal ownership more independence and freedom to invest in marketing operations, increase brand loyalty, and improve its product portfolio. With this in mind, we have developed a strategy based on four basic elements: preservation, expansion, construction and growth.

    Market Share

    We must take positive steps to maintain the market share that has been gained by the products and brands of Al Basma Royal Food Company at the regional level.


    The success of the Royal Basma Company relied on providing basic food products for every household, such as all kinds of food, cheese, its derivatives, freezers, legumes, foodstuffs, and cleaning materials of all kinds. The company intends to increase its profits in the coming years by switching to other closely related product categories of higher value. Indeed, the company began implementing this in.


    Al-Basmah Al-Malikiah Company has a record of achievements and important strategic acquisitions that paved the way for the invasion of new markets and the introduction of different product categories.

    Market Growth

    Finally, Al Basma Royal plans to invest time, effort, and capital in identifying targeted growth categories, collecting data on market trends, and introducing innovative products to the market.